Pet hotel for dogs, cats and other pets is located in an area with lots of green areas – Park West and in close proximity to one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Sofia-West Park. 

There our guests enjoy long and entertaining walks.

Within walking distance there is another park - the Swan Park.
There is a place for a short walk, lying on grass, making new friends and playing.

You can get to us by car – we are in five minutes drive from the center of Sofia, by the bull. Stamboliyski and bull. Todor Aleksandrov or with convenient public transportation.

In what kind of environment our guests live:

We've never taken as normal our tailed friends to be closed in a cage or alone in an empty room.

That is why we offer a cozy, sunny home where guests we have freedom and enjoy the comforts of home and a safe environment and our 24-hours company.

In our pet hotel for dogs, cats and other pets they're sleeping on the couch, in our laps, some in our bed – everyone gets individual attention and care because our task is our guests to be happy and most of all, to feel at home, while their people are travelling or busy.


The idea to create a place where there will be more happy dogs make us believe that this is our mission, and we are of this breed of people who can implement it.

An integral part of our team are also the most important members – Becky and Caira.

Yes, these are our adopted dogs who not only became part of our family, but also part of the team of our pet hotel for dogs, cats and other pets Opashatkovci.

Quite often show us that no matter how much experience we have with dogs, it is always good to have someone furry friend who is always ready to play or just to offer any security company to the newcomer guests. 

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you are busy or need to travel. With us your pet will be happy and feel at home.


Price for a 24-hour stay: 30 BGN.

The price includes 24-company and care for your dog in real home accommodation, as well as two or more walks in the nearby parks.


Price for a 24-hour stay of pets in this category: 10 BGN.


In our facebook page we post funny stories and pictures of our tailed guest of pet hotel for dogs and other pets Opashatkovci.

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