24-caring for your pet in a cosy home environment.

In our pet hotel for dogs, cats and other pets Opashatkovci are welcome small, medium and large breeds, used to inhabit the flat atmosphere and space. The number of our guests is minimal and rarely exceed 3 dogs, because for us it is important that everyone gets individual attention and a huge dose of cuddling and fondling. 

When  happen to have more than one guest, we carefully consider whether it is appropriate to live together with others to temper, characteristics and nature of the dogs.  

Often happens wonderful friendships and games, but some dogs not always like each other – as we know dogs have preferences, with whom they wish to communicate and play. Our task is very important and that's why we are conducting a detailed conversation about the nature and specifics of your pet.

Of course, we also offer a meeting – you can always visit our place, meet us and share information about your dog, his character and habits and decide whether our place  is "your place".    

An indispensable and favorite part of our activities are the long and wonderful walks. The surrounding area offers many options for walking, since we are in an area with lots of green areas, one of which is one of the biggest parks in Sofia-West Park.

Where our guests enjoy long and entertaining walks, playing with us and the other four-legged visitors. For the more active we offer hiking in mountain or cycling across the big West Park.  

For shorter extra walks we visit another park within walking distance-the Swan Park. There is a place for a short walk, lying on grass, making new friends and playing.             

What conditions your pet must comply with:

Guests must be social, healthy, evinced no aggression toward other dogs and people, with a yearly vaccine, internally and externally dewormed and have hygienic habits.

What you should wear when you bring your dog to stay in our pet hotel for dogs, cats and other pets Opasahtkovci:

- passport -a copy of pages with data of the dog and its owner, data of the microchip and placed a valid annual vaccine.

- leash – we walk dogs on a leash, because for us it is paramount the safety of your pet.

- food for the duration of the stay - the food is of the most importance for their good health and condition, so it is important that it be tailored to the age and health, and should not be changed drastically, because this can lead to gastrointestinal disorders. Of course, for the special ones we offer home-cooked food.

- mat, blanket, bed - it is recommended to have something of its own and feel more comfortable

- favorite toy - if your pet has a favorite toy, and it is with him, your dog will feel even better when there's something of its own.

Price for a 24-hour stay: 30 BGN.

The price includes 24-company and care for your dog, as well as two or more walks in the nearby parks.

Additional services: transport for your pet.


Price for a 24-hour stay: 30 BGN.

The price includes 24-company and care for your dog in real home accommodation, as well as two or more walks in the nearby parks.


Price for a 24-hour stay of pets in this category: 10 BGN.


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