In our pet hotel for dogs, cats and other pets Opashatkovci are welcome small, medium and large breeds, used to inhabit the flat atmosphere and space. The number of our guests is minimal and rarely exceed 3 dogs, because for us it is important that everyone gets individual attention and a huge dose of cuddling and fondling. 


Sometimes you have to pay more attention to some of your duties and you feel that your pet is bored and misses more attention and activities during the day or needs more socialization and games, but you don't have enough time to pay attention, to get a real walk, play with him.  


There are cases in which the dog has a behavioral problem or frequently falling into a state of anxiety and uncertainty. This leads to problems such as barking, hiding, denial of food, fear of abandonment, even aggressiveness towards other dogs or people

Hotel for dogs in the postoperative period

We know how hard it is to experience together with your dog a routine surgery such as castration or other type of surgical procedure. We also know how hard it is to not stop thinking about how your dog feels at home, has he or she reached the stitches, but the work and your daily duties wait and there's no way to be constantly by his or her side all the time at this important moment. The period of recovery is a period in which we want you to be 100 percent sure that your pet is well cared for and is under observation.  


In our pet hotel for dogs and other pets we can have dogs in season, because our micromodel allows us not to accept male dogs if we have female dog in that condition. This is definitely a difficult period, during which you must put more care and attention of your pet. You have to be careful about many things, because your dog's behavior changes – often appears a desire for escape, walks become unpleasant, while trying to protect your dog from any male in the park, you have to cope with the bleeding, which can lasts up to three weeks.


For our other tailed guests – cats, we've  a separate cat spacious room with windows with a nice view. The room is sunny and cosy, furnished with everything your cat may need -cat monkey bars, baskets, toys and cat litter box.

HOTEL for fish, birds, rodents and SMALL mammals

As nature lovers we love all kinds of animals, of course, dogs and kittens have a special place in our lives and hearts, but we've always liked the care for other kinds of pets – fishes, parakeets and other birds, bunnies, hamsters, Guinea pigs, chinchillas and other kinds of rodents and small mammals.


In our facebook page we post funny stories and pictures of our tailed guest of pet hotel for dogs and other pets Opashatkovci.

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