There are cases in which the dog has a behavioral problem or frequently falling into a state of anxiety and uncertainty. This leads to problems such as barking, hiding, denial of food, fear of abandonment, even aggressiveness towards other dogs or people

Owners of such dogs often can't deal with this behavior and they don't know whether they could safely bring their dog to other place, hotel, when they have to travel or are busy.  In such cases, it is our mission to get know the dog and his man and try to bring both how to deal with a behavioral problem and in case of need to be able to bring your dog to our pet hotel for dogs.

For this purpose we offer short stays with us-daycare for dogs, but previously –we suggest meeting and a walk in a nearby park, where we can observe not only its behavior, but the behavior of its people. It's no secret that quite often the problem is in owners themselves and unknowingly they provoke these reactions at the dog.

The human must be a leader and if he doesn't know how to get his dog to accept it in this way, the dog becomes uncertain and anxious, and quite often the dog can assume the leading role of its human. And since we have no bulgarian Cesar Millan to turn to for advice, we offer you together to look at the problem from other point of view and with common efforts and with the help of the "pack" – the rest of our canine friends, to try to give guidance and security for your dog to be able to bring him at the hotel when you are travelling or busy. 


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