HOTEL for fish, birds, rodents and SMALL mammals

As nature lovers we love all kinds of animals, of course, dogs and kittens have a special place in our lives and hearts, but we've always liked the care for other kinds of pets – fishes, parakeets and other birds, bunnies, hamsters, Guinea pigs, chinchillas and other kinds of rodents and small mammals.


Guests of this category are accommodated at the appropriate place according to the needs and situation.  They live with us in our own homes – cages, terrariums, aquariums. It is necessary to bring the food and additives that are used to, as well as any special accessories needed for the smooth and enjoyable stay with us.

Price for a 24-hour stay of pets in this category: 10 BGN.


In our facebook page we post funny stories and pictures of our tailed guest of pet hotel for dogs and other pets Opashatkovci.

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