For our other tailed guests – cats, we've  a separate cat spacious room with windows with a nice view. The room is sunny and cosy, furnished with everything your cat may need -cat monkey bars, baskets, toys and cat litter box.

What you should wear when you bring your pet to stay in our pet hotel for dogs, cats and other pets Opasahtkovci:

passport -a copy of pages with data of the cat and its owner, data of the microchip and placed a valid annual vaccine.

- food for the duration of the stay - the food is of the most importance for their good health and condition, so it is important that it be tailored to the age and health, and should not be changed drastically, because this can lead to gastrointestinal disorders. Of course, for the special ones we offer home-cooked food.

- basket, blanket, bed -it is recommended to have something of its own and feel more comfortable

- favorite toy-if your pet has a favorite toy, and it is with him, your cat will feel even better when there's something of its own.

Price for a 24-hour stay: temporarily we don't book appointments for cats 


In our facebook page we post funny stories and pictures of our tailed guest of pet hotel for dogs and other pets Opashatkovci.

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