Hotel for dogs in the postoperative period

We know how hard it is to experience together with your dog a routine surgery such as castration or other type of surgical procedure.

We also know how hard it is to not stop thinking about how your dog feels at home, has he or she reached the stitches, but the work and your daily duties wait and there's no way to be constantly by his or her side all the time at this important moment. The period of recovery is a period in which we want you to be 100 percent sure that your pet is well cared for and is under observation.  

Price for a 24-hour stay in the postoperative period: 35 BGN.
The price includes:

- accommodation in a calm and comfortable area, where your dog will receive complete care, 24-hour attention and monitoring his health condition.

- when appropriate - carefully transfer to grass areas a few times a day or walks on a leash with a duration according to the condition of the dog.


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