Sometimes you have to pay more attention to some of your duties and you feel that your pet is bored and misses more attention and activities during the day or needs more socialization and games, but you don't have enough time to pay attention, to get a real walk, play with him.  

Quite often the lack of sufficient attention and activity lead to unwanted behavior and not small problems- destruction of the household, barking or howling, even developing states of anxiety and uncertainty in our pets. Since we share the same objective with you and it is your pet feels loved and happy, we at pet hotel for dogs, cats and other pets Opasahtkovci, have thought and for those periods of your life with your faithful friend.

Daycare is a 12-hour stay with us, you will have peace of mind for your home and dog, because he or she is not going to be home alone, but in our company. You will receive interesting information and pictures how your dog feels, what new friendships created, information of his or her adventures during the walks and everything you need to be sure that your dog feels happy.

Price for a 12-hour day stay: 25 BGN.

The price includes 12-hour company and care for your dog, as well as two or more walks in the nearby parks.

Additional services: transport for your pet.


In our facebook page we post funny stories and pictures of our tailed guest of pet hotel for dogs and other pets Opashatkovci.

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